Hello, I'm Tiwana Floyd a Los Angeles based actress who has been designing my own marketing tools since 1996. I'm an Advertising and Marketing alumni of NYC's Fashion Institute of Technology. I love advertising and graphics. I think we all know, there is power in marketing, advertising and self-promotion. Done right, it can help you grow your career significantly. If done consistently, you can gain momentum faster.


If people know and like your work, it's up to you to remind them you exist. By doing so, you'll get more opportunities. It's as simple as that. Every time I send a postcard or one-sheet I get new opportunities by way of auditions or direct bookings.  


My superpower, taking what some may call "bleak news" and truthfully turning it into exciting, interesting and worthwhile news. 


Actors are my community, I enjoy helping my peers promote their success with beautiful graphics. We all may be inundated with content, but a good graphic story will always pull someone's attention. 

Tiwana Floyd

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